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A Map of the J'Karra cluster

Home to countless strange worlds, and to the Tau sept world of J'karra. Once under the rampaging rule of destructive Ork clans, it has since been cleansed and is now apart of the J'karran exploration efforts. As if in their own bubble of time, the J'karran sept was almost uninterrupted in their efforts to discover lost technologies. However since the encountering of the Sarkhet Dynasty, more and more hostile forces have made their way to the J'karran Cluster, and now these factions all fight for contention over these worlds.

The T'au are the predominant occupants of J'karra, settling the cluster of stars known simply as the J'karra sector, however they have many colonies and research bases all across the expanse, as well as large star fortresses and orbital cities.

List of Factions Edit

T'au Edit

J'Karra Edit

The J'karran sector is home to the J'karran sept world. Focusing on science, technology, and diplomacy, J'karra has made many innovations since their founding over a hundred years ago, including the exploitation of Aeldari Wraith Bone, the investigation of a powerful Warp phenomenon, and new experimental techniques into cloning.

Shen'Lyr Edit

Many Shen L'yr reinforcements aid the war efforts of J'karra, priding themselves in the art of battle, many J'Karran commanders originally hailed from their northern ally.

Necrons Edit

Sarkeht Dynasty Edit

The enigmatic Sarkhet dynasty was first encountered on Dan'tus 3 during a patrol mission across the wastes. A short lived war was followed by an an even shorter lived alliance, and now each side is again locked in a conflict for control of the cluster.

Imperium Edit

Belladonna's Crusade Edit

Rogue Trader Belladonna and her fleet came for one reason; revenge. After the corruption of her home planet of Thurmecia, she has been tracking down the illustrious Tau commander knwon on her planet as Law. This search led her to the Crinis Ferrum cluster, wrecking havoc on J'karran outposts in the Shi'Fa sector.

Orks Edit

WAAAGH! Bokz Edit

After the Calm-Storm wars early in J'karran history, the Orks of the Teef Snatchers clan were spread thin and weakened, however, they soon found new power under the constantly roaming WAAAGH! Killy Krusade, a collection of tribes seeking to spread the word of the great Bokz, a powerful artifact that the Orkz (currently) believe will lead them to the greatest battle the Orks will ever know, known as the Skullkracker Klash!

Star Sectors Edit

J'karra Sector
The J'karra sector is the T'au controlled space located in the centre of the J'karran cluster. In the J'karra sector are 6 star systems, with the J'karra Sept's largest cities located in them.
J'karra: The three star system of J'karra is the capital of the respected Sept. It has some of the riches resourced planets in the entire cluster, due to the T'au having terra formed it's produce. It's planets that can support life have all been occupied by the T'au empire.
  • Planet J'karra - Planet J'karra is home to the strange and powerful crystal resource known as the Xux Crystals, by far one of the most unique and strange minerals the T’au have encountered. It supports the infrastructure of J’karra’s hyper experimental technologies and ideas and given J’karra it’s symbolic blue Sept colour. Planet J’karra houses the biggest cities the Sept has made, including Yekia’vel, Teng’vel, High Oran, and New Pang. It’s capital city, Umra Brasiin is where most of its politics are located. Underneath the planet’s surface is the Shadow Organisation known as The Foundation, where very skilled soldiers are assigned special operations, and highly secretive experiments are conducted.
  • Diex Preel – Considered the most naturally deadly planets in the entire cluster, it was however given to Shaper Guran and his army to clear out, given its highly diverse animal life it was prime for Kroot genetic experimentation, however many of these ended in dead gene lines. Due to the planets diverse ecology, the T’au have cleared out many areas for alien societies with precise needs. These areas are quite secluded and has been speculated by Inquisitor Hykriss Krain that the planets true purpose is to farm Xeno’s for experimentation for the J’karra. Preel is also a common place for the J’karran Trial by Fire, as well as other ceremonies.
  • Moons of Al’ek – Two small moons over a gas giant that is used for more convenient ship testings and for small colonies to live abroad while on assignments.
  • Seng’teel – A massive planet with powerful gravity. Its unstable core has given way to earthquakes and violent volcanos. The J’karra have harnessed this power for themselves, building massive structures looming over the mountains, and long foundries across entire borders. The planet produces a large fraction of J’karras energy. Because of its immense gravitational pull, pilots cannot stand on the surface.
Saphire City: An orbital city ordained in a metallic blue. One of the most beautiful structures in J’karran space. This floating city is home to some of the most luxurious locations in the cluster.
The White Stars: Its name comes from the phenomenon of the stars becoming far paler when viewed from many places within the star system. It is the second star system to be colonised by J’karra.
  • Kaal’tel – This planet encounters the most traffic in the system and is overseen by either a member of the Council of Light, or another Supreme Ethereal. It’s major capital city, Sangr’lor, is the most densely populated place in the system. Many Xeno’s prefer Kaal’tel to the major planets in J’karra, as it is more removed from the politics of the T’au.
  • Alexandria – A once medieval society of aliens known as Pelvalii, reduced near extinction due to the rampart Orks. Once saved by T’au, they came to believe the T’au to be god like saviours and have since adopted their culture to worship them as higher beings. This superstition has dwindled over the generations, but it is still very clear in their culture. The world as built in the image of its form before the Orks, lending a unique appearance of both T’au and Pelvalii style.
  • Por’tel – The Water World, as it is known to Gue’vesa. It is a small planet of more than 99% surface of sea. It is suited for many experiments, and aquatic xeno life. The T’au have built small floating cities across the planet, with the deep oceans suitable for pressure experiments.
Kesh’vel: The last system before entering Hereth, many T’au are stationed in this system as crossing Star Reach can be quite dangerous, so this system is a hub in case the J’karra must quickly mobilise to southern systems.
  • Matsu’hena – Many colonies are settled on the islands of this planet, as the major continents rage with a near constant sand and thunder storm. The primary base on Matsu’hena is the Ma’kell Stronghold, this is where most of the J’karran Fire Castes are stationed.
  • Rithlex – A completely dry planet, the surface supports no plant life. However, large monstrous beings exist beneath the surface, surviving on the planets energy at its core. Small creatures survive on the meat of these beasts, and the planet is able to keep Kroot alive, with a variety of animals for their species to eat.
Pan’jang Starbase: An incredibly massive space station located on the outer edge of the Star Reach gulf. It is equipped with a powerful shield generator known as the Gell Barrier. High Ethereal Aun’Thaan oversees its operations, along with several experience commanders, including Commander Flamewalker.
Worlds of Golden Tiger: A system named after the famed Commander of the same name. This system harboured the last of the Orks; although the Calm-storm war ended over three years prior, this system still had multiple small Ork clans to deal with, and The Golden Tiger was incredibly quick to clean the system. He was famed for working closely with alien auxiliaries and promoting a positive relationship between races.
  • Kou’to Tel - A planet thriving under the teamwork of T’au and Xeno alike, the society celebrate acceptance under statues of The Golden Tiger. A mixture of Xeno and T’au architecture are spread over the planet and have a strong distain for the Xenophobic Imperium.
  • Erith’or Rel – A world utterly ravaged by the Orks using a deadly weapon they called the “Big Brotha Bom”, a weapon they used in civil war. The T’au slowly repair the land, as it contains valuable resources. One base dominates the lands as its base of operations, and slowly the T’au expand.
  • Moon of the Way Sword – A small moon named after the mysterious weapon found in its alien ruins. A base was built over these ruins, as the moon was ideal as a hub for travels to Kuris.
Kuris Sector
The Kuris Sector is located galactic north of the J'karra sector. This is currently being explored by the T'au, with the majority of their populace in either their star city or space fortress. Kuris is also the beach head for Belladonna's avenging fleets.
The O’yi Cluster: Named after the seven-coloured flower representing the old T’au Emperors, a stirkingly similar flower grows on the capital planet and its moons. The seven colours can also be seen in the seven planets of the system.
  • Shas’ka’yi – Only recently settled, it’s one major city is fresh. Shon’vel is thriving with new recruits and commanders hoping to achieve reat things in this new sector. The system is overseen by Aun’Pi’Reng of the Council of Light in the Spire of Sum. A second city is currently being built in the Rey’yon Canyons in hopes of generating more power for the system’s operations.
  • Syku’brel – A massive planet with many strange minerals. Originally colonized by Imperial forces that would not cooperate with the T’au, leading to a small conflict. Bolstered by a small force of Sororitas battle sisters, the planet proved difficult to breach. With the help of Commander Law, the two were turned against one another, with Law’s forces to sweep up the remaining soldiers, with the help of Commander Swift Flame. The humans have since converted.
Firestone Starbase: The main base of operations for the T’au sector, at least for it’s military. A highly defensive and readied fortress, made from trepidation of this new sector. The station is equipped with advanced shields, and one of the densest collections of aircraft in the entire T’au cluster. The base is run by the protégé of The Golden Tiger, Commander Sky-Scream, known for his highly fast and aggressive counter manoeuvres in his cold star battle suit.
The Dark Worlds: All planets in this system are far from the systems small star. These planets seem to have an atmosphere that darkens the skies. The system is considered mysterious, with small pockets of a single culture scattered across the planets.
  • Mon’fial – A planet almost entirely covered with fine grains of sand. A strange anomaly, what’s more interesting is that J’karra has uncovered more diverse terrain far below, even evidence of water, along with cultural structures. Small light bases were set up, however the T’au did not want to upset the landscape.
  • Shadow Moon – This moon remains in the darkness behind it’s planet always. The freezing temperatures are ideal for some Xeno races, while being useful for some experiments for the T’au.
Se’tsu Gamma: A system currently being explored by J’karra. Little is known but for a few small planets with early T’au colonies.
Balai Landing: A system that has become infamous for the beach head of Belladonna’s Crusade, a vicious vendetta war against J’karra,

with one of its primary goals to hunt down Commander Law, hero of the Sept.

  • Shien – The planet that Belladonna has made her first beach head. J’karra currently fights off the invasion.
Hereth is the J'karran sept's second densest sector, with it's capital city located in the Dra'goth system.
Dra’goth: Dra’goth was the first settled system outside of the J’karra sector. The system is filled with asteroid belts that contain valuable resources. Many of its planets are gas giants that are still being probed and explored.
  • Mei’Teng – A second home to the T’au of the J’karra sector; it is still being built up as a powerful second command planet, and many T’au on J’karra are sent here when they become more redundant or when their leadership is needed.
  • Third Moon of Proxis – An ideal shuttle port for those ships that explore the systems many planets and asteroids of value. The Third Moon is home to J’karra’s largest Astro-scanning facility, still busy at work scanning Dra’goth. Many aspiring pilots are sent here to swiftly explore the dangerous system.
  • Proxis – A small planet, so far, the smallest planet in the cluster. It is home to an almost complete Gue’vesa civilization. The people here are very steadfast with their worship of the Emperor, and the T’au allow them to continue their religious zeal. With this, the people have become very fond of their T’au allies and have come to respect them. Many Gue’vesa from Proxis enlist to the Fire Caste, believing that the T’au have their best interest at heart, and that many of the Imperial worlds in the galaxy have become a perversion of what they believe to be right.
  • Here is a list of more miscellaneous planets within the system: Hanna, Sethis'kraal, Mal'tel, Lon'ra'ren.
Dra’goth’s Anvil: A Fire caste space station, currently overlooked by the Council of Light Supreme Ethereal Aun’Kraxis. Dra’goth’s Anvil is the home to the rallying forces of T’au that explore both Hereth and Dan’tus. This powerful space station is equipped with the prototype AA space weapon created by Fio’O Kunis; The Exis Cannon.
The Rath’en Region: A powerful warp storm engulfs the system, an incomprehensible manifestation to the T’au. Since it’s calming the J’karrans have slowly started to explore the system, finding strange mutated planets, with small occurrences of anomalies that defy physics.
  • Li’sun – The only planet being explored at present. With the weird behaviour the T’au have encountered on this planet they have been somewhat reluctant to move to quickly with their exploration.
  • Many other small planets are inside this system but given that they seem to be acting without order, such as rotating in opposite directions, the T’au have yet to explore them.
Pillars of Du’a: A system named after the great Ethereal Du’a. A mighty leader that was known for spending much of his time in space vessels, travelling from one planet to the next, maintaining a degree of excellence that allowed the T’au here to thrive faster than expected.
  • Felde – A planet rich in resources, it is home to many merchants of the J’karra Sept, many of its valuable resources are extrinsic, like the Sun-Gold ingots that have proven to be a persuasive tool with wealth driven Xeno worlds. Although the T’au live outside of a materialistic society, Felde’s wealth was able to boost the productivity of other labourers, and such was able to build the Orbital City of The Citrine Dragon, which has become a favoured vacation spot for T’au and Xeno alike.
  • Pagloor – A large planet that belongs to the Mengalods, a race of giant muscular hulks. Before the T’au they lived in an industrial society, since being introduced to J’karran technology, they have been more than willing to trade their services for wealth and opportunity.
  • The Archipelago – The Archipelago is a series of small moons surrounding the toxic, giant planet of Ghoro’sha. These thirteen moons are a series of colonies and research areas.
  • Here is a list of more miscellaneous planets within the system: Ling'fau, Watade'tel, Le'rota, Qu'feng.
Shin’re’gaal: Sin’re’gaal is a system with few planets. Because of the built-up planets of Dra’goth and the Pillars of Du’a, the J’karra have had no need to colonise the system, however due to its location it was necessary to be the final destination on the way to Dan’tus.
  • Winter’s Landing – A planet freely given to an alien race with no home, preferring extremely cold climates, the settled areas were at the freezing poles, and to strengthen relations the T’au set up their bases within the Xeno’s cities. Originally a simple hub before travelling to Dan’tus, the T’au have found surprising value in the Parogian’s art and culture, which celebrates the elements of the world.
  • Here is a list of more miscellaneous planets within the system: Cho'den, Rath'wa.
Dan'tus was the final location of the Calm-Storm wars fought by the T'au against the Orks. Dan'tus is known for it's dangerous warp storms, and is home to the two strangest findings of the J'karran sept; the Sarkeht Necron Dynasty, and what is now known as the Paradise Planet anomaly.
Final Ken'rai: This star system was last stand for the Orks in the Calm-Storm wars, although Orks were still scattered throughout the cluster, this ended the campaign in earnest.
  • Baru'tan - Baru'tan holds J'karra's largest base in the entire system, along with secret Foundation underneath, using surrounding planets and stars for experiments far from home. Many fresh troops are stationed here, as Dan'tus is still being thoroughly explored. It's two major cities are Mont Ta'shiro, housing the Fire Caste temple, and Io Xot, one of the largest cities of J'karra powered by the strange plant life surrounding the area.
  • Ts'Tsil - A small planet located furthest from the star, the T'au are currently exploring it, and trying to understand the strange structures and monuments scattered around the world.
  • Here is a list of more miscellaneous planets within the system: Targ'frey, Zel'tang, Perrin
The Kell'maar Worlds: A collection of strange worlds the J'karran are currently studying. The Kell'maar worlds are home to the strange gravity phenomenon.
  • The Paradise Planet - Known as Vah'cha Tel to the T'au, it is the location to the strange gravity anomaly the J'karrans encountered. It is sought out by the Sarkeht Dynasty, however it is heavily guarded by the T'au, along with the help of Craftworld Telmoth, and a handful of powerful Eldar Rangers.
  • Ven’tol – A large oceanic planet similar to Terra, however it would seem untouched by civilization. The T’au scour the world in search of safe lands to occupy, while searching to uncover any unique and useful resources.
Vas’talos Ves’ron: A bare system with seemingly nothing to offer. Although peaceful, this system did not seem to provide any use for the T’au, until the rise of the Sarkeht Dynasty. J’karra now explores every planet carefully to see if any more necron’s awake.
  • Erra’la – A once barren and seemingly useless world, home to none, it was a planet with few T’au presence, simple scouting parties to ensure the system’s safety. Shas’vre was given post here, believing him to be mad, the Ethereal leaders hoped to keep him out of the way. Once the Necron’s rose, he proved himself a loyal and heroic leader. The planet is currently being searched for Necron artefacts and technologies.
  • A’tila – The small green planet located not far away from Erra’la. A’tila was the defacto base of defence for J’karra when the Necron’s took control of Erra’la. A’tila was the rendezvous, and the point of their counter assault. Now it serves as a secondary watch in case of another Necron rising.

Notable Campaigns Edit

Calm-Storm War Edit

In the founding of J'karra, the T'au empire was responsible for scraping away the Ork tribes that infested the central to south-eastern sectors of space. It was aptly named as the Orks would be like butter to a hot knife for the J'karra at one moment, then suffer a barrage of assaults from titanic elite monstrosities.

Glacial Conquests Edit

Keeping with their mantra to obtain and explore alien technologies, one of the first large scale assaults committed by the J'karrans was the abductions and ran-sackings of Gladius Twelve, in which newly appointed Commander Ri'ao gained Gue'vesa and Lemus Russ battle tanks for the T'au to study and employ.

Rise of Sarkeht Edit

A series of first contact battles between the J'karran Sept, and the Necron Sarkeht Dynasty, starting with the Encounter at Hawk-Reach, and ending at the Battle of the Gate. These battles took place over months of events, and would eventually lead to the short lived alliance between the two factions. Because of this short lived alliance their is a lull is this campaigns telling, as the fighting stopped but picked up shortly after.

Unknown Findings at Ya'Kak Edit

J'karra sends a series of Cadres to Ya'kak at Hereth Three to attempt to discover what the Imperium is doing there. During this excursion the Warp of Vi took place, bringing forth a legion of Daemons.

Latest activityEdit

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